Infrastructure & Building Materials

Infrastructure and building materials products encompass a wide variety of materials, components, and systems used in construction and infrastructure development. They are fundamental in constructing resilient and functional buildings, bridges, roads, and utilities, ensuring the durability and sustainability of our built environment. These materials form the backbone of modern construction, providing the essential foundation for safe, efficient, and sustainable structures and infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure & Building Materials

Bridge Maintenance Products
Pot bearings, bridge expansion joint, pre-stressing anchorage system.

Petroleum Products
Bitumen, diesel & lubricants, engine oil, hydraulic oil, bitumen emulsion, modified bitumen.

Steel Products
Mild steel round bars, high tensile deformed bars, structure steel, wire mesh, API/GI/black pipes
Ordinary portland cement (bag & bulk), masonry cement, ready-mix concrete, coloured / white cement.
Reinforced Concrete Product
Reinforced concrete pipes, precast RC manholes, U-drains & box culverts, prestressed concrete piles, prestressed and post tension beams.

Geotextile, geogrid, sand filled mattresses, vertical drain.

Common bricks, cement sand bricks, interlocking pavers.

Fibre Cement Products
Wall & ceiling boards, flat/corrugated sheets.

Wood ProductsTimber, plywood.

Ceramic tiles, homogeneous tiles, granite & marble.

Roofing Materials
Concrete roofing tiles, metal roofing sheets & wall cladding, pillar hydrant.

Sand & Quarry products
Sand & quarry products, aggregate, crusher run and premix, gabion, ironmongery door frames & locksets, paints, vetrified clay pipes & fittings, sanitaryware & fittings, mild steel, ductile iron, uPVC, HDPE, water pipe and tanks